"Really exciting- great fun, great idea, great new concept!"
Kevin Singleton - Pendle Borough Council

"Very innovative and encouraged the users to develop new skills and fitness"
Bridget Gilbert - Dublin City Council

"It is a great concept!"
Treacy Byrne - Dublin City Council

"An exciting new development combining play and healthy exercise…..I want one!"
Dave Sanger - Surrey Heath Borough Council

"Undoubtedly the most innovative piece of play equipment I’ve seen"
Ryan Tracey - Strabane District Council

“It’s a one off, the start of something new”
Steve Hinsley - Coastal Action Zone

"Very Impressive"
Paul Cocker - Lancaster City Council

"Bringing technology into play is an innovation as technology is part of everyday life, the combination will appeal to children"
Richard Hammond - Lancaster City Council

"i.play is a unique product that is both innovative and practical in solving problems of the next generation"
Andy Biggs - London Borough of Bromley

"I feel good, 5 minutes on that is better than a work out!"
Steve Butcher - Powys County Council

"Nice to see an exciting and challenging piece of equipment out of the norm"
J Turkington - Belfast City Council

"A very up-to-date piece of equipment for the i.pod generation"
Christine Hayes - Stoke-on-Trent City Council

"Exciting and innovative. Encourages continuous and inclusive play and delivers on the relevant exercise aspect"
Bola Oreagba - Hackney Homes Ltd

"During my time managing play areas, this is the first time that I have seen anything this different"
Matt Hill – Gloucester City Council

"This product could be massive… definitely a niche in the market for it"
Andy Ford – Rushmoor Borough Council

"Brilliant unit, ideal for fitness"
Jeff Borrowdale – Copeland Borough Council

"Great for kids of all ages and abilities"
Keith Watton – Copeland Borough Council

"Brilliant idea, definitely modern play as it should be. I am convinced that this is the way forward"
Mike Hall – Denbighshire County Council

"Play just changed! Whatever you thought it was before- think again. Simple yet smart, I know the young people are going to love it"
Andy Brown – Chorley Borough Council

"Nothing like anything on the market. Brings the playstation outdoors."
Evelyn Thomas – Vale Royal Borough Council

"Different and creative"
Sangita Patel - Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

"Innovative, fun, enjoyable and addictive"
David Reed – Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

"I wanted to take it home with me! Better than the gym!"
Lee McCarthy – Fylde Borough Council