What is included in the i.play system package?
The i.play system package includes the unit itself, safety surfacing, solar panel and delievery and installation. Call now for a free quotation.

How will technical support work?
Technical support will work as per Playdale’s usual exceptional standards. After contacting our head office you will receive immediate response and communication from our dedicated after sales department based in the UK.

How long will we continue to receive software updates?
Software updates will be offered to all existing i.play clients as and when they become available. We will however keep customers informed of any additional software updates available.

How susceptible is it to computer viruses?
The i.play system is protected from viruses as per all current electronic software.

Prices of replacement parts?
Prices of spare parts are comparable to Playdale’s usual pricing system. These prices are available from our after sales department who will also answer any questions with regards to fitting spare parts.

KitemarkWhen will it be kitemarked?
We are now kitemarked to BS EN1176

How many different game formats are available?
Four different game formats are currently available including i.play, i.play base, i.match, i.match base. We are presently working on exciting new games so watch this space!

How do the multi-player/tag team game formats work?
Demonstrations will be available on our website soon. However if you can get to your nearest i.play system site we will be more than happy to show you!

How many users can play?
Up to 6 users.

How does the solar panel unit work, will trees preclude the unit?
The solar panel unit does not need direct sunlight but needs to be positioned southerly facing, open aspect. Please rest assured that the unit is over specified – and we would not expect trees to cause a problem unless in a very dense wood with no daylight, as the solar panel can be positioned in its optimum position. 

How weather proof is it?
The i.play system has been tested in extreme weather conditions and will be rated to I.P. 67.

Would floodlights need to be installed?
We would be delighted if you installed floodlights so that i.play can be played 24/7! However this isn’t compulsory as the i.play system will be on standard play areas.

What materials are the components made of?
The best! Stainless steel, aluminium and nylon are the core components of the i.play system.

How close to houses can it go, how loud is it?
The i.play system can go as close to houses as any standard play area. Sound settings are adjustable to high, medium and low to meet your preference.

Does the i.play system run all night?
It is important to note that the i.play system software can be pre-programmed to turn on and off to your specifications.

Is the unit vandal proof?
The unit is made from durable materials that we believe are resistant to vandalism. The LED screen is made from tough, durable, shatterproof polycarbonate. The solar panel is enclosed in a tough stainless steel case with a protective polycarbonate screen. All fixings are fitted with security bolts.

We hope this covers all of your questions, however if you have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our head office on 015395 31561 and we will be happy to help you!