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Our revolutionary certainly stands out in any playground.

Our revolutionary certainly stands out in any playground. The structure has an eye-catching design and children are immediately tempted have a go by the message coming from the speakers...... 'Hey you.....wanna play?'  

This fantastic electronic play system is great fun for children and has unrivalled health benefits. The unit is designed to get children moving and promotes 'stealth fitness' - children exercise without even realising. It is more important than ever to get children active and to give them the opportunity to play in the fresh air, and is the perfect solution. was designed to help combat childhood obesity and provides an important link between electronic and outdoor play, in an attempt to get children to put their computer consoles and play outdoors. But most of all…..IT’S FUN!

If you would like some more information about then why not take advantage of our free consultation and design service? We can arrange for your Area Manager to visit you and discuss ideas about your potential playground, measure your site and draw up some 3D plans of what your play area could look like. 

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